Day 4 | peavine

DAY  4



“All humanity will come to you, the one who hears prayer.”

Don’t think of prayer as an impersonal requirement. Realize that it is a person, the Lord Jesus Christ, with all authority and with all love, Who expects us to pray. These excerpts from His Word show that He Himself expects us to pray:


  • Matthew 6:5: “And when you pray . . .”

  • Matthew 6:6: “But when you pray . . .”

  • Matthew 6:7: “And when you pray . . .”

  • Matthew 6:9: “Pray then like this . . .”

  • Luke 11:9: “And I tell you, ask . . . seek . . . knock.”

  • Luke 18:1: “And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray.”  


Prayer is an indisputable, indispensable necessity of the Christian life. It’s impossible to have a relationship with Christ and not spend time with Him—talking and listening. Just as your spouse, your parents, your friends, your children, and your co-workers expect you to communicate with them, so does God.


Prayer is never going to be the easiest thing you do. Probably, it will always be the hardest. It’ll be the hardest because all hell will fight against you praying. However, the truth is, the more we consistently pray the more we enjoy spending that time with God.

So, here are a few things to do to get ready to pray:

1. Determine when you will pray—make a daily appointment with God.


2. Determine where you will pray—where can you go for a time of solitude.


3. Determine how you will pray—sitting, walking, kneeling etc.


4. Determine what you will pray—make a prayer list for every day. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It can grow as you grow.


Make those decisions and then do one more thing—pray. Pray some more. Pray every day. God expects it.


Joel Southerland,

Lead Pastor

  • Pray for Pastor Joel and Sherry.

  • Pray for the staff.

  • Pray for the church that we would become a church dedicated to prayer.

  • Pray for yourself that God would guide you as you become a disciple and pray daily.

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