Day 18 | peavine

DAY  18


SELECTED READING: 2 Corinthians 9:7 (NKJV)

“So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.

As I write this devotion, I find myself deeply challenged by my own thoughts toward giving and stewardship as well as how I view the use of money. There are two things that have impressed me as I study the issue of stewardship, things I have known but were a necessary reminder for me. One is that everything under the sun belongs to God and I am

only His steward in how I use them (Job 41:11). The second thing is from the book, Spiritual Disciplines where Donald Whitney writes in regard to how we use the money we earn that it “reveals who we are, for it manifests our priorities, our values, and our hearts.” So if God owns everything under Heaven, which He does, then shouldn’t we 


look to Him and discuss with Him every financial decision we make in light of the fact we are using His money? I encourage you to do a quick search on the internet about what God says in the pages of Scripture about money. You will find He, in fact, has much to say about the issue and you may be surprised at what you read. The Bible is much clearer and comprehensive than I can ever be in this short devotion. Go ahead, do it.


The verse I mentioned above is just one aspect of giving that we need to discuss with the Owner, God. Have you talked with Him about what He would have you give back to Him as a part of your worship each week? Our vision at Peavine is to “Reach every person in Peavine City with the Gospel.” That takes faith and it takes resources. Ask God what He would have you give toward accomplishing our vision and then give as you have purposed in your heart.


I heard Larry Burkett say years ago that he could take your record of spending “your money” and tell you the Spiritual condition of your heart. What would yours say? Are you thinking about buying a home (God’s home)? Have you discussed it with the new Owner (God)? How about a new car, have you talked to the new Owner? Maybe you are thinking about a new investment opportunity, have you discussed it with the potential new Owner of the investment (God)?


The passage of Scripture above reminds us that God loves a cheerful giver. So give cheerfully, give generously, and give prayerfully and thoughtfully. Discuss every giving opportunity with the ultimate Owner of everything. Don’t be deceived, you are not the owner, you are the steward for the Owner!

Denny Patrick,

Worship Pastor

  • Pray for Pastor Joel and Sherry.

  • Pray for the staff.

  • Pray for the church that we would seek God’s guidance in all areas of our lives and in particular how we might utilize our financial resources to accomplish the vision of Peavine in Peavine City.

  • Pray for yourself that God would guide you in the area of finances and help you to become a cheerful giver into His Kingdom work.

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