Day 15 | peavine

DAY  15



“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love on another.”

When thinking about service, I think of the ultimate servant leader, Jesus. The only time Jesus talks about Himself is in Matthew 11:29 when He says, “I am gentle and humble at heart.” Gentle, I think of a large hard-working man with leather hands holding a newborn baby. That strong powerful man is extremely gentle holding that new baby. Think of the God of the Universe with His people. He could have said one word and sent tens of thousands of His Angels to wipe us out. Yet, He chose to die on a sinner’s cross for you and me. The second part that Jesus described Himself as was humble. I have heard humility defined as, “Thinking of others better than yourself.” I think a better definition is “not thinking of yourself at all.” That’s what true humility looks like. I believe these are the characteristics that we need, to be true servants of Jesus.


Jesus puts this into action in John 13. This is the Last Supper and dinner had just ended with His disciples. He then does something totally counter-cultural in verses 4 and 5: He washes His disciples crusty, dirty feet. In this context, the servant of the house would do this for the Master, his family, and all of his guests. In verse 7 Jesus states, “what I am doing you do not understand now, but you will know after this.” Jesus is painting the picture of a gentle and humble servant. He is God over all creation and washes the feet of the men that would let him down in a few hours.


Let’s fast forward a little bit, Judas gets possessed by Satan in John 13:27- 30 and left the house to sell Jesus out to the religious elite. Our Lord then throws a curve ball to the disciples in John 13:34 “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” What is so important with the new commandment that Jesus gives to love one another as I have loved you? Well, whose feet did He just wash? Yes, the disciples. But which one in particular? Judas, the one who was going to betray Jesus. Jesus knew he had to paint the picture of love. Jesus shows us that sometimes you serve and love those that will betray you in the end. Why? John 13:35 “By this ALL will know that you are my disciples . . .”


So where can I serve? Good question. There are plenty of places at both of our campuses to serve. Ask a Pastor or Ministry Leader where they need help. Maybe you are serving, and you want to do more. Find a widow and clean up her yard for her in the name of Jesus. Find a soup kitchen or something similar that shares the Gospel. Find your corner in Peavine City that needs YOU. Show your gentleness and humility because YOU were made for this.


I’ll close with this. Recently I read, Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 by John Maxwell (if you get the chance, it’s a great read) and he shares a prayer on page 161 that I want to share with you. I pray this every day and encourage you to do the same.


Lord, as I grow older, I would like to be known as . . .



  1. Compassionate—more than competent

  2. Content—not driven 

  3. Generous—instead of Rich

  4. Listener—more than a great communicator

  5. Loving—versus quick and bright

  6. Reliable—not famous

  7. Sacrificial—instead of successful

  8. Self-Controlled—rather than exciting

  9. Thoughtful—more than gifted


I want to be a foot washer!


Rik Cramer,

Rossville Campus Pastor

  • Pray for Pastor Joel and Sherry.

  • Pray for the staff.

  • Pray for the Church and the areas in which we need more volunteers.

  • Pray for the area in which you want to serve and for ways you can serve in Peavine City.

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