(based on AWANA curriculum)


If you are familiar with AWANA, then you are familiar with traditional AWANA game time.  We have replaced the traditional game time with options to engage kids with their own interests.  Below is a listing of electives:




This elective is designed to help children create great-looking projects that we can hang on the walls around our campus. Our art teacher is an interior designer who gets her inspiration from Pinterest.  This elective is limited to 20 kids per session, a total of 40 per night. The kids take pride in seeing their work hanging around the church. 



What is Gaming Dojo? Each semester we will be playing a new and retro video game, making new friends, and earning virtual badges. We won't just be playing games. We will have the opportunity to create our own online, mobile, or Nintendo Switch game. Our beta version will be booting this semester. Fall 2019 we will be playing Mario Cart 8 and Donkey Kong Classic and creating a classic shoot-em-up flyer. 


This elective offers guitar skills for beginners. Kids will advance in their guitar skills to intermediate and advanced. You may provide your own guitar or purchase one for $75. The lesson book is $20. 



Martial Arts provides a disciplined-based option for children who want to learn basic self-defense moves.  The program lasts the entire AWANA year. The uniform is $20.




We have a high energy game time that features games like food relays, and team sports. There is no cost and no size limit on this elective.



This elective allows students to learn sewing skills for beginners. Learn basic sewing terminology, how to use a sewing machine & to sew basic seams.

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