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January 18th - February 7th

I love that our church kicks off the year in prayer. There is no spiritual discipline more important than spending time daily in relationship with God. And, it’s even better when we do it together, when we are focused, when we are “in-tune” with one another!


This year our theme is “Revival”. It’s an old word that needs a fresh meaning in our current culture and context. Revival means to bring something back to life again. In Christianity it means to “rekindle the fire of Jesus in your heart and life.”


Our world needs revival.


Our nation needs revival.


Our state needs revival.


Our region needs revival.


Churches need revival.


Our church needs revival.


You need revival.


I need revival.


For years I’ve been thanking God for the revival we’ve been in at Peavine. The growth, souls saved, Spirit in our midst revival we’ve been having. Let’s not be satisfied. Let’s ask for more. Lord, send Revival!! Pastor Joel


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