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January 30th - February 19th

Statistics tell us:

  • The #1 reason for divorce in America is “basic incompatibility.”

  • A couple going through their first divorce is age 30 on average.

  • “Gray Divorce” rates (divorces after age 50) have risen dramatically over the last 30 years.

  • Children of divorce are more likely to become divorcees.

  • People are 75% more likely to end their marriage if a friend is divorced.

At our annual staff week in November 2021, we asked ourselves:

Can we make a difference? Can we stop the acceleration and even decrease the number of divorces in our area?


The goal of The Family Initiative is to:

  • Decrease the number of divorces in Peavine City.

  • Increase family happiness.

  • Bring more people to Jesus.


How will we accomplish this goal?

  • By offering family counseling.

  • By hosting marriage retreats and seminars.

  • By tackling the subjects that cause the most family drama.

  • By providing next-level events for families.


And all the while, we will keep our focus of:

Reaching Every Person In Peavine City With The Gospel


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